System Development is the process of defining, designing, testing and implementing a software application. This includes the internal development of customised systems as well as the acquisition of software developed by third parties. System development is also referred to as software development, software engineering or application development. System development includes the management of the entire process of the development of computer software.

Some software can be purchased from third-party vendors, but still needs to be adapted to the needs of a particular organisation. This may involve customising existing software, or developing software from scratch. Even when relatively standard software is acquired from a vendor, it may need to be integrated with an organisation’s existing systems, and yes – we do it all.

Our services include:

  • API services
  • Reporting systems
  • Data Aggregation Systems
  • Custom systems


When third-party APIs come-up short and additional functionality is required, our web development team loves to be challenged and has vast experience building customised solutions and plugins to meet clients’ needs.

With our unique combination of business and marketing experience, entrepreneurial spirit, technical expertise, knowledge of latest industry trends and result-driven delivery model – we offer progressive end-to-end web application and custom programming solutions.

Whatever the project or scope of functionality is, we can offer a solution. Including:

  • Web application development
  • Website portal development
  • Web-based database programming
  • Shopping cart customization
  • Content relationship management solutions
  • Custom business application development
  • Web portals and intranet development
  • Custom web applications
  • E-commerce development and customization
  • Workflow applications
  • Backend web services
  • Database design and development


With our combination of expertise and experience, we are able to offer you a range of outstanding web application development services. We develop the apps from-the-ground-up to ensure that all characteristics and functionalities of the platform are taken advantage of. Our apps will leverage the qualities of the operating system to the fullest.

Our talented app developers are not only a team of experts. They are also experts and possess a great deal of skill and creativity. They love technology and will help you leverage it through the app. In fact, our team will do more than just build a fully functional app. We will ensure that it is absolutely reliable and perfectly customised for the needs of your brand as well as your audience.


  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows

What we use:

  • Flutter
  • Google Cloud
  • Firebase
  • Dart
  • Ionic


  • Fast Development
  • Native Performance
  • Expressive and Flexible UI


Adding more indulgence and customisation capability to your WordPress-powered website, our WordPress-plugin development services serve as the perfect catalyst for its diversification.

WordPress is unquestionably the best platform of its age and it has a set of remarkable features and capabilities. However, when you’re in need of something more specific, WordPress might not offer certain elements. That’s when you need customised, powerful plugins.

Paying close attention to details, Handy Cats develops plugins that help you avoid the hours of writing long-winding codes for injecting certain attributes to the site. We offer you solutions to improve your site’s security, speed up your website, boost your social media connectivity, make it more SEO optimised, create room for customisable widgets, and so much more.

WE also offer plugin development for other CMSs including:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Custom plugin development


How well do you understand your users?

In order to attract, retain and grow your user base, it’s vital to know who interacts with your digital services, and why – particularly in the face of digital disruption as well as a more demanding audience.

At Handy Cats, we know that a good user experience should be instinctive, natural, and effortless. We achieve this with our committed developers, decades of experience, and a wide skill-set. Working with international organisations across a broad range of industries, our UX experts have built up a portfolio of successful projects that speaks for itself.

Over the years we have developed a formidable team, with expertise across the full range of User Experience and Design disciplines.

Applying the science of User Centred Design, we craft every aspect of your site or application around the specific needs, motivations, expectations, behaviours and constraints of your users.

We question, we test, and we trial – using both qualitative and quantitative research to ensure that our decisions and recommendations are based on real-world requirements – and not assumptions. We do this to give you maximum confidence in the results.


Handy Cats offers you e-commerce development services which can help you to leave a mark on the web. Over the years, we have refined our services to ensure that you get nothing but the best ecommerce website designed and developed according to your needs.

We deliver strategic solutions that improve the experience and functionality offered by your e-commerce website. This is done by considering the perspectives and aims of your business so that the e-commerce solution becomes a viable tool.

We offer solutions for online shopping, online payments, shipping and tax, and more…


A powerful, user-friendly solution, WordPress is a versatile content management system (CMS) for everything from blogging and portfolio websites to e-commerce and business. Likely the easiest and most powerful CMS in existence today, we aim to offer our clients personalised bespoke WordPress website design whilst enabling you to take control of your own content and updates once the design process is complete.

We assist with planning and strategy throughout, building your website to be mobile friendly and keeping search engine optimisation (SEO) at the forefront. We also keep up with current design trends to ensure that your website is contemporary and attractive in today’s online world – standing out among the rest.  Once your tailor-made website is complete, we give you the tools to take control of your website and updates – including video tutorials on request – no more waiting on the developer to carry out your updates for you.

While WordPress is user-friendly with easy-to-master tools, a WordPress developer can take your website from good to extraordinary – and with over 10 years of experience under our belts, you can rest assured that we are the right people for the job.


  • We have over 10 years’ industry experience

  • We maintain close relationships with our clients

  • We simplify the website-building experience for you

  • We offer personalised, tailor-made design

  • Our websites are built and optimised with SEO in mind

  • Our websites are built to be functional on mobile

  • We assist with strategy and planning from start to finish

  • We enable you to take control of your own updates once the design is complete

  • We keep up with current design trends

  • We can scale your website up or down at any stage, adding or removing features and expansions – no full redesign necessary